LGBTQ+ Confidential Meets

As an ongoing project, Communities Together offers confidential help and support to the local Asian LGBTQ+ community, as they are often a targeted and unrepresented section of society.

In the local area as well as nationally, it is an extremely difficult and an intense emotional struggle for people of South Asian heritage to come out as an individual of the LGBTQ+ community.

The root of this stems from many different opinions, beliefs and practices held by the South Asian community, from internal denial or rejection to family matters and how it would affect their extended community. This causes many significant challenges and questions such as: Do I have to leave my faith? Will I be ostracised? Will this affect my siblings and their marriage proposals?

Communities Together has created a free, safe and confidential space where culturally sensitive support, information and resources are provided, so the South Asian LGBTQ+ community are able to come together and feel at ease.

We help by providing the community with an ear to listen, along with support and advice for questions about their gender and identity, dealing with their families, culture and faith.
We encourage all members of the LGBTQ+ community to come together, in a confidential safe space. This helps to create a peer-to-peer support system, which shows that, no matter what, there is someone there for you in your strengths as well as your struggles.


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