Young Directors Programme

The Young Directors Programme is a 2021 film-making project supported by the West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner’s Safer Communities Fund. The fund is designed for projects that are in line with the outcomes and priorities set out in the Police and Crime plan.

The Young Directors Programme will offer 15 young people (age 14-16) six months’ training in film-making and TV production. They will create:

⦁ Original projects devised and developed by the students themselves, e.g. short films, TV broadcasts, music videos

⦁ A film about the risks involved in taking and selling drugs, for schools throughout West Yorkshire

The project aims to make our community safer by giving young people vulnerable to crime (victims or perpetrators) an opportunity outside school to express themselves in a creative and supportive environment, take responsibility for their own projects and learn invaluable life and work skills.

It will also educate students in West Yorkshire and encourage informed discussion about the risks surrounding drugs and gang violence. These are ongoing issues in the region and young people are often the target, as evidenced by the large-scale drug networks uncovered in recent years. In disadvantaged areas, children are particularly vulnerable to the perceived attractions of gang membership, including status, feeling part of a ‘family’ and receiving gifts/money.

The project aims to:

⦁ Reduce the likelihood of participants becoming involved in crime, by involving them with projects that engage and educate them

⦁ Help vulnerable young people to develop life skills, e.g. confidence, communication, empathy, problem-solving

⦁ Allow young people to develop skills useful in future careers – whether specific to film-making/broadcasting or general, e.g. planning, teamwork, creative thinking – and helping disadvantaged students into employment

⦁ Promote positive mental health by providing disadvantaged students with a unique life opportunity that recognises their capabilities, shows they are valued, gives them the chance for positive social interaction and encourages them to explore their creativity

⦁ Educate young people across West Yorkshire about the risks of drugs and gangs through the film produced, which will have more impact as made by other young people in their community

It will also benefit the wider community who are at risk of crime or harm to family members due to drugs and gang violence.


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